Impeachment of President Obama and Vice-President Biden

My fellow Americans who are not just a Democrat or Republican or any other group of politics  but just American citizens.

This great country of ours have been traveling down this road of destruction to long. We need to write and or call our Congressmen and Congresswoman and ask them how long are they going to let this President take us down this road. Ask them are they there to make a life time job out of being there or are they there to do our will.

We are a sovereign country and don’t need the United Nations telling us that our constitution is no good. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the supreme law of the land under God himself and it don’t matter if you believe in God or not it is still the law.

No one is above the law and certainly not the President. Congress must look into any and all legal ways and means to see if there is any and all reasons to impeach the President and vice-president as well.

Everything written here is strictly my a pinon and if you agree then by all means please take action today.

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