The National Health & Alcohol Study needs your spit. #SOTR

This is something we all need to look at.Thanks Stacy

Stacy on the Right

The National Health and Alcohol Study may be coming to your home to ask for probing personal information about your health habits, and collect a saliva sample.  SOTR learned of this development through the blogger Ann Althouse, who gave a very detailed account of her husband Mead’s encounter with a very Census-esque individual at their front door:

Me, I don’t answer the doorbell unless I already know who is there, but Meade went to the door to find a man with a clipboard and a National Health and Alcohol Study badge. If somehow I’d gone to the door, I’d have seen through the window that it was a man with a clipboard and given my no-none-of-that-here hand gesture and never opened the door. And if somehow I’d started talking to the guy and he’d said the first thing — that he was doing a government health survey — I’d have abruptly refused…

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