The White House, The Man in the Ovel Office is at it again

The White House, The Man in the Ovel Office is at it again

U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usua...

U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usually called a “standard” in official U.S. government terminology). It is defined in Executive Order 10860. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My fellow Americans one again he who is playing President is at it again.  ” Now, as President of the United States, he is attempting the ultimate shakedown by using his bully pulpit to increase his bully tactics!” a quote from a Tea Party email newsletter.

“President Obama is at it again. During a time when our country is still on its knees economically, he is now pressing for banks to once again do subprime loans. For those of you who don’t know, that means loans to people who have credit that is not very good who may or may not be able to actually afford the home.” another quote  from The Tea Party email newsletter.

Friends this unacceptable. This cannot happen again.  If he is allowed to push this through then our economy as we know it will surely fail. It was  allowed to fail before because of such funding.  Is this not another reason to start impeachment with this person that is calling himself  President of the United States of America.  Ask yourselves where is he taking us? Why is he taking us down this road? What is his final plan for our great country? It does  not matter what side of the fence you are on but one thing, you cannot sit on the fence. You have to make a decision as to how you want this great country to end up .  As a 3rd world country are returning it to her former glory ?

For Texas House of  Representatives you can click on this link to find your House Rep. To write them and or call them: ; for the Texas   Senators: this will have the rep’s all so. 

For the US Senators you can go here:; for rep’s go here:, these two sites will be good for the other states as well.

The word is out if you have not heard yet that some of the US Republican Senators are thinking of giving in to the President in the new gun laws. This too is unacceptable . Please all my freedom loving peace loving Americans we need to write and or call every one of our friends and families to write and or call our Rep’s and Senators in each State and in Washington and tell them that their job is on the line if they don’t vote the way we want them to.  Which is to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not just part of it but all of it.